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Wealth Management

Enduring Portfolio Construction        Open Architecture

Our investment process reflects our strong commitment to our fiduciary responsibility to place clients’ interests ahead of our own. Our process is client-focused, strategic, disciplined, diligent, and, above all, objective.

We take an asset allocation approach to investment, and while due diligence at the stock or bond level is important, we focus on the dynamics of the total portfolio. Each position and strategy plays a part in adding to the risk/return profile of the portfolio, helping to improve the ratio of expected return vs. standard deviation.

We are often asked how we are different from other money managers. Without hesitation, our answer is that we are independent advisors, with complete latitude to align ourselves with the finest and most highly respected institutional managers available. We are passionate about the added value that such managers bring to a relationship and are pleased to be able to provide this to our clients.

In our role of  “Manager of Managers” we’ve chosen the best in class “Core” managers but also open up a client’s portfolio to critical “Satellite/Alternative Strategies” not traditionally available or used by institutions (hard asset funds, REITs, Equipment Leasing, Hedge funds, Private Equity, Managed Futures, etc.). This is one more way we enhance our clients’ investment experience.

Cash Flow Management

Alternative Investments

Pension Funds and 401(k)s

Retirement Income Strategies

Risk Analysis and Portfolio Stress Testing

Strategic Alliances

Property & Casualty Insurance Planning

Boutique Customized Portfolio Solutions

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