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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our overarching goal is to enhance the financial lives of our clients and to enrich their family legacies. This means assisting with the organization and deployment of your wealth so that you and your family can lead lives that are happy, harmonious and secure.

Our comprehensive Financial Planning service includes everything from values-based wealth, income and estate planning, to assistance with insurance, taxes, real-estate holdings, credit solutions, multigenerational wealth planning, entrepreneurial needs and philanthropy.

Step 1

Provide Comprehensive Performance Reporting:

We aggregate all investment accounts and provide a one-page, consolidated investment summary of each account relative to the appropriate benchmark. We also provide performance information by asset class and security.

Step 2

Provide Comprehensive Asset Allocation Reporting:

We will create a comprehensive asset allocation statement breaking down an aggregated investment portfolio by asset class relative to strategic targets.

Step 3

Provide Recommendations on Asset Allocation Changes:

Based on information generated in steps 1 and 2 above, we will recommend changes in the asset allocation to ensure that clients have real diversification and are positioned to meet their investment objectives. Importantly, we work to engage all our clients in our values-based wealth planning program.

Step 4

Provide Recommendations on Manager Changes:

Based on the information in Steps 1, 2 and 3, we will recommend changes to existing managers/investments and also recommend new managers/investments to help maximize after tax returns for a given level of risk.

Step 5

Provide Insights and Ongoing Guidance on Cost Containment:

Fees matter! We constantly review clients’ fee structures and costs, looking for ways to optimize portfolio efficiency by dramatically reducing unnecessary fees and expenses through our unique approach to driving down investment manager, investment advisory, trading and tax costs.