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Enduring Portfolio Construction

For investors, maintaining a consistent portfolio construction process may be the single most important strategy for optimizing long-term returns.

Our Enduring Portfolio Construction is based on five principles: 

Put risk first
First managing risk, then managing returns allows us to seek a balance between the risk of loss and the risk of losing purchasing power. We use risk parameters as the primary input for asset allocation in order to manage volatility and minimize the impact of extreme market movements. 

Maximize diversification
When creating portfolios, we consider the broadest possible range of asset classes and investments. 

Use Alternative Investments
Taking advantage of alternative strategies and asset classes enables us to lower correlations, temper volatility and pursue new sources of return. 

Use traditional asset classes
We are continually seeking new and efficient ways to capitalize on the long-term potential of stocks and bonds. 

Remain consistent
Regardless of short-term changes in market conditions, we maintain a consistent portfolio construction process and stay focused on the big picture. 

* Using diversification and asset allocation as part of your investment strategy neither assures nor guarantees better performance and cannot protect against loss of principal due to changing market conditions.
** Investing in alternative assets involves higher risks than traditional investments and is suitable only for the long term.

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